Cable transport system CANFLOW

Processing program Drinks cans or preserve cans in all the usual dimensions and materials
Use Conveyance of the empty cans between being removed from the pallet and entering the rinsing process, usually mounted at a greater height

up to 140,000 cans / h

Vacuum transfer system for empty cans TRANSCAN

Processing program Empty drinks cans in the usual dimensions
Use Conveyance and transfer of the empty cans by vacuum to separate lying or badly deformed cans

up to 140,000 units / h

Lift-out machines for upside-down bottles LIFTOUT

Processing program Upside-down bottles of PET / PE / PVC, for example shampoo, mustard or ketchup bottles
Use Lifting and turning of the upside-down bottles out of the container holder after the filling process and before packaging.

up to 40,000 units / h

Transfer device to cans longitudinal run TRANSFER

Processing program Empty drinks cans or preserve cans in the usual dimensions and other containers of similar material and shape
Use Conveying and positioning of empty cans and similar containers for certain tasks such as coding or labeling

up to 60,000 cans / h