BMH inverter for cans, bottles, glasses, boxes and other products

Processing program Full or empty containers of glass, plastic, metal, cardboard or other materials as well as similar containers in all the usual shapes and dimensions
Use Turning by any required number of degrees, e.g. from just 45 degrees to 360 degrees, can be used among other things:
  • after de-palleting,
  • for cleaning, (blowing / spraying etc.)
  • after filling, (before pasteurization)
  • for spray rinsing the bottles
  • before and after coding
  • to wet the inside of the sealing area
  • to mix the contents (shaking etc.)
  • for correct alignment before packaging
  • for general handling purposes

depending on the version up to 1,800 cans / min

depending on the version up to 60,000 bottles / h

depending on the version up to 1,400 glasses / min

depending on the version up to 1,000 boxes / min


Processing program

Drinks cans, full / sealed

Diameter range: from 53 mm to 86 mm

Height range: from 88 mm to 205 mm

Use Turning by 180° after filler or pasteurizer / can warmer. Continuously conveying full-can turner for processing all the usual drinks cans without format changes or readjustments.

max, 80,000 cans / h with FLEXTWIST 80,000

max, 120,000 cans / h with FLEXTWIST 120,000

max, 140,000 cans / h with FLEXTWIST 140,000