CANjet ECO – gravity can rinser


The gravity rinser CANjet ECO stands for reliability in lines with a production capacity of up to 20,000 cans per hour. The cleaning media is water.

  • The empty cans are turned by 135 degrees in the rinser block twist at the infeed and fed into the rinsing channel.
  • In the upper third of the rinsing channel, the cans are rinsed with water or optionally with ionized air.
  • In the lower two thirds of the rinser channel, the cans are dripping off to achieve the required amount of residual water. In the air rinser, this segment can be used for an optional second blowing area.
  • After the cleaning (rinsing) process, the cans are turned back by the twist block at the outlet (standing on the can bottom) and transferred to the conveyor system.

As filler, you profit from the multiple advantages of the gravity rinser CANjet ECO:

Modular System

  • Manual adjustment without pneumatics to adjust can diameter and height.
  • Can be retrofitted for pneumatic adjustment, for easy adjustment of can diameter and height.
  • As an alternative, a servo motoric adjustment (Patent) with automatic adjustment of can diameter and height can be retrofitted.
  • Adjustment of block twists and rinser channel in about 1 to 2 minutes. There is no need to change any parts or even the rod twist.
  • Optionally, the rinser can be equipped with a water tank to collect used water for following processes like cleaning cans on the outside.
  • The rinser can simply be retrofitted for new can sizes.

Process and Products

Productrs cans (0,5 ml and 0,33 ml), more sizes upon request
Material tin or aluminum
Can-Ø 53 mm - 73 mm
Can height 89 mm – 193 mm

Variants and Options

Water or ionized air as cleaning media Retrofit for can height
Pneumatic or servo motoric adjustment can be retrofitted Retrofit for can diameter
Water tank for used water Pneumatic can stopper
Safety switches for rinser channel covers Spare parts set

Technical Data

Production rate 800 – max. 20.000 cans/h
Conveyor height according to customer requirements
Control FI-control or high level system
Power requirements 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Main drive --
Air pressure 2 bar
Water connection 4 bar

Mechanical engineering

High-grade materials Stainless Steel (1.4301 or 1.4571) food safe plastic (z.B. POM or PTFE) and Elastomer (z.B. EPDM)
Protection class IP54
Compact design (LxWxH in mm) according to line layout
Weight 210 kg