COVERclean Water & Air – washing and drying unit


After filling of cans or bottles, it is advisable to clean them again with a water shower and an air cleaning device before coding, labeling or packing.

  • The containers are run through the units by a conveyor belt.
  • First, the containers are cleaned on the outside by water coming from the rinser tank.
  • Afterwards, the conveyor belt guides the bottles through a blower unit which is adjustable in such a way that residual water is removed.
  • Dripping water can be collected for reuse.

As a beverage bottler, you benefit from the many advantages of the Water and Air cleaning units:

  • Fully automatic system controlled stand-alone or with the complete line.
  • Optionally, a collection tank for reuse of the water is available.
  • The system is designed for low water and energy consumption.The airstream is generated by a side channel blower and therefore does not require any costly compressed air.
  • To ensure a simple retrofit, the units can be mounted over existing conveyors.

Process and Products

Products cans, bottles, and containers of all kind
Material tin, aluminium, PET or glas
Container-Ø up to 100 mm
Container height 100 – 300 mm

Variants and Options

Water cleaning: Air cleaning:
Additional washing unit with 5 nozzles Side channel blower with more power
Tank for used water collection Spare part set
Spare part set

Technical Data

Production rate 800 – max. 20.000 containers/h
Conveyor height 1.000 mm +/- 100 mm
Control FI-control or high level system
Power requirements 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Main drive 2,2 kW (side channel blower)
Air pressure --
Water connection house water connection 4 bar

Mechanical engineering

High-grade materials Stainless Steel (1.4301 or 1.4571) food safe plastic (z.B. POM or PTFE) and Elastomer (z.B. EPDM)
Protection class IP54
Compact design (LxWxH in mm) 1.000 x 700 x 1.608
Weight 240 kg