ECOfill-12/1BC – bottle filler


The bottle filler ECOfill 12/1BC stands for reliable filling of bottles in lines with a production speed of up to 5,000 bottles per hour. Because of the pure mechanical design of the filler, your benefit is low maintenance cost and high reliability.

  • The bottles are separated and handed over to the scissors star wheel.
  • Driven by a curved rod, the bottles are positioned at the filling head and hermetically sealed.
  • The purely mechanical ECOfil-valve controls the evacuation process (optionally double evacuation for better oxygen control) and triggers the filling process via the filling tube.
  • The switching valve controls, for example, the supply and discharge of CO2 and the filling media in order to achieve a uniform filling quantity.
  • After filling, the bottle is ready for immediate capping.

Benefit from the advantages of the ECOfil:

  • Its robust mechanical design, without electro-pneumatic systems, leads to a high degree of reliability.
  • The mechanical engineering grants low complexity so you can carry out simple maintenance work yourself.
  • Downtimes due to service calls are thus greatly reduced, the availability of your lines increases significantly.
  • Low changeover times when changing bottle sizes: 
    • Simple mechanical setup of bottle height through the central spindle.
    • The filler is already setup for a wide range of bottle types.

Process and Products

Products bottles (200 ml up to 1.000 ml)
Material PET- or glass bottles
Bottle height 50 mm – 200 mm
Bottle-Ø 100 mm – 350 mm

Variants and Options

HDE-heating (high pressure injection)
Water wash down system
Spare parts set

Technical Data

Production rate 100 – max. 5.000 bottles/h
Conveyor height 1.000 mm +/- 100 mm
Control FI-control or high level system
Power requirements 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Main drive 0,75 kW
Air pressure 4 bar
Water connection house water connection 4 bar

Mechanical engineering

High-grade materials Stainless Steel (1.4301 or 1.4571) food safe plastic (z.B. POM or PTFE) and Elastomer (z.B. EPDM)
Protection class IP54
Compact design (LxWxH in mm) 2.000 x 1.149 x 2.549
Weight 860 kg