Optimization of your existing High-Speed filling line


Do you plan to modenize or optimize your can filling line, then our specialist will assist you with clever solutions. We modify your lines of up to 120.000 cph, by optimizing existing machines or adding special functions.

Customers trust in TTW special machinery

For years the major OEMs trust in TTW as supplier of special machinery. In addition we are partner of multiple engineering companies around the globe, which offer new lines or line optimization.

  • more than 1.800 lines are producing reliably around the globe.
  • OEMs as Berry Wehmiller, Krones and Sidel use our TTW products.
  • Market leaders in beverage like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Carlsberg, Tschingdao Beer, Paulaner, Rauch Fruchtsäfte are using TTW machines.
  • Production speeds of up to 120.000 cph are achievable.
  • Benefit from the TTW patents and the low running cost of our machines,

CANJET Multi-Size empty can rinser - the flexible solution without manual change of components.

The product is known for its reliability in can lines for up to 120.000 cph. The advantage is the cleaning of all known can sizes without the need of changing parts of twisters. The change of can sizes in the infeed and outlet twister, as well as in the rinser channel is done pneumatically or optional by servomotors. The change time is therefore reduced to a minimum.

CANION empty can rinser – cleaning with air or ionized air.

The unit is used for blowing out of cans of all known dimensions and materials with air or ionized air and suction of the released particles. Production speeds of up to 120.000 cph in modern lines is possible.

FLEXtwist Multi-Size Canturner – Solution for turning different sizes of containers without any changeover time

The FLEXtwist is a continuous, driven full can turner of 180 degrees for cans, bottles and other containers or packing material. There is no requirement to change parts or settings. It is for example used after the filling and pasteurizing process. For other special requirements like inspection, printing or marking of containers or bottles , goods can be turned by 90 degrees. Up to 120.000 cph, diameters of 53 to 86 mm and a height of 88 to 205 mm are possible.

TRANScan and TRANSvac Vacuum bridges – for transfer or selection of empty cans

to reliably extract empty, damaged cans or to transfer the cans in the process before rinsing or air cleaning. Up to 120.000 cph  and a width for 8 cans are possible.

To reliably position the cans before coding or inspection a single track TRANSVvac is used  

COMBIliner - combination of empty cans of 2 rinsing channels between rinsing and filling

in lines with high rinsing speeds and redcued space requirements the rinsing is done in two channels. Afterwards the COMBIliner combines for example two rinsing channels of 60.000 cph to one line of 120.000 cph.

CANflow rope transport system – the cost efficient way to transport cans

the system is used to convey empty cans of all known dimensions or materials between separation of the de-palletizing  and the rinser infeed. It is used also for low space requirements or extreme heights for 120.000 cph per hour.

STERILjet-SK head sterilization – for hot filling

by turning the bottles or containers of cylindrical, square or rectangular shape by 90 degree and a defined short shake the hot filled drinks are sterilizing the head room.

It includes a shacking zone in 110 degree position for solving air blisters at the wetting section .