BMH STERILfix - the low cost sterilization unit


The block twister STERILfix is used when sterilizing bottles in the neck area. The fluid Velcorin is used. It will be added to the filling product, sterilizes the neck area when turning and volatilizes when the bottle is opened.

As an owner of filling lines you benefit from the TTW BMH-Series:

Process and Products

Products Cans, bottles or PET-bottles
Material PET or glass
Container-Ø up to 160 mm
Container height up to 400 mm

Variants and Options

Block twist is made out of single layers
when required the block is separated into different unit for weight reason
Mounting brackets

Technical Data

Production rate up to 60.000 containers/h
Conveyor height --
Control --
Power requirements --
Main drive --
Air pressure --
Water connection --

Mechanical engineering

High-grade materials Stainless Steel (1.4301 or 1.4571) food safe plastic (z.B. POM or PTFE) and Elastomer (z.B. EPDM)
Protection class --
Compact design (LxWxH in mm) according to customer requirements
Weight according to customer requirements